Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the sub-tenant moves out suddenly and my property becomes empty?

You get your monthly rent as normal.  Any loss in this instance is borne by Pealby Properties.  Because of our relationship with client companies, our average void period across all property sizes is less than 2 weeks in a year

Do I have to pay for the Tenancy Agreements?

No, we offer an all-inclusive package which includes all the necessary legal documentation issued to you and our tenants.

How often do you visit the property?

We visit all our properties under management once every month.

Am I still responsible for repairs?

Yes, you will be responsible for any repairs.  We will carry out all repairs on your behalf subject to your approval and then deduct the bill from your next monthly rental income.  Your authorisation for repairs will always be sorted except in cases of emergencies.

Many adverts I have seen stipulates Guaranteed Rents. How do you differ?

We differ in that we source the right professional tenants for your property as we only deal with reputable companies and local authorities.  We also pride ourselves on giving you the best returns on your investment.

I would like to instruct Pealby Properties, what happens next?

We will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient appointment for viewing and to talk through your requirements and give you more details on our services.  If you are then happy to proceed, we will draft the lease agreement and allow for all other documents to be in place.  Once all are in order, we would normally make an offer in principle at that meeting.

If you are happy to proceed, we will draft the lease agreement.  The lease will usually commence within 7 working days to allow for all documentation and recommendations to be in place.

A second meeting will then be arranged to sign the contracts

If you have a question that you can’t find the answer for, get in touch.

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